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2019 - 2020 Chief Residents

Swenson, Lacey, M.D.

Hometown: Montgomery, AL
Undergrad: Auburn University, Montgomery
Med School: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Career interest or chosen specialty: Colorectal
Hobbies in residency: Corgis, swing dancing, target shooting
Spouse and/or children: Married to Eric. Step-daughter
Thoughts about our program: We operate and we start doing cases as “surgeon” on day one. I did a laparoscopic appendectomy my first week as an intern. Our attendings are approachable and they enjoy teaching.

Thompson, Greg, M.D.

Hometown: Madison, AL
Undergrad: Auburn University
Med School: University of South Alabama
Career interest or chosen specialty: General Surgery
Hobbies in residency: Farmer’s market with the family, coaching my son in baseball, golf, movies, going to the lake
Spouse and/or children: Yes, wife Kelly, sons Caleb (5) and Tyler (2)
Thoughts about our program: Excellent operative experience from day one, including open/laparoscopic/robotics, with a residents graduating with a very high volume of surgeries. The attendings are amazing and the residents all get along well. Birmingham is an excellent city that is not too large but yet has everything you need from a “big city”.

Yielding, Vivian, M.D.

Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Undergrad: University of Alabama
Med School: University of South Alabama
Career interest or chosen specialty: General surgery, possibly breast
Hobbies in residency: Hanging with my dogs, outdoor activities, golf, gardening, eating
Spouse and/or children:No
Thoughts about our program: We start out operating early on and have unparallelled experience within this program. I came as a 4th year from USA to visit Baptist and was floored by the autonomy, the variety of cases the residents were performing, and the skill level of the residents. This residency has always fostered a supportive atmosphere and a sense of family among not only the residents but the attendings as well.