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2019 - 2020 PGY-1

Boxberger, John, M.D.

Hometown: Austin, TX (with roots in Kansas)
Undergrad: Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
Med School: University of Texas School of Medicine - San Antonio
Career interest or chosen specialty:Open to anything
Hobbies in residency:Basketball, Movies, Skiing, Kayaking, anything that gets me outside
Spouse and/or children: I couples matched with my girlfriend who is a neurology resident at UAB.
Thoughts about our program:The two primary factors I looked for when evaluating programs were collegiality amongst the residents and strong foundations in General Surgery. I did not know much about the program prior to applying, but a peer of mine suggested I look into it. Just in my brief interactions with the residents during my interview, it was clear that the relationships built at this program were different from what I would find elsewhere. The residents were more than just colleagues. Once I saw the early surgical experience residents received combined with the overall numbers they achieved over 5 years, I was sold. From the moment I got here, expectations were clear and I received ever opportunity to participate in all levels of patient care. This is simply not something you will find at every program.

Harper, Claren, M.D.

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Undergrad: Florida State University
Med School:Florida State University College of Medicine
Career interest or chosen specialty:General Surgery/Vascular/Undecided
Hobbies in residency: Gardening, Crafting/Painting, Bargain Shopping, Sleeping, Harry Potter on repeat
Spouse and/or children: I have a pseudo-husband, Kane
Thoughts about our program: My education in medical school was community-based and very hands-on, and I loved that the attendings respected me to completely involve me in the care of their patients. When I interviewed at Brookwood Baptist, I felt that same sense of respect from both the residents and attendings I met here. It felt comfortable, which is not a word typically used to describe a surgery residency. Since day one, I have been involved in every aspect of patient care - including scrubbing into the OR. More importantly, I have been taught and supported by everyone in the program, including upper-level residents, attendings, and my co-interns. It has been far from easy, but I don’t believe I could have asked for a better residency program.

Minton, Heather, M.D.

Hometown: Oxford, AL
Undergrad: University of Alabama, Finance;University of Alabama at Birmingham, Biology
Med School: University of Alabama School of Medicine
Career interest or chosen specialty: Undecided but interested in General Surgery and Colorectal
Hobbies in residency: Jogging, weight-lifting, decorating my new home, being outdoors especially hiking or spending time with my family at the lake
Spouse and/or children:No
Thoughts about our program: BBH is an excellent training program because it offers the “best of both worlds.” We have the volume that a larger city offers, private specialty surgeons who are willing to teach, and ample opportunity to operate early in our careers. Additionally, we have senior surgeons who are willing to support research and a great relationship with nearby academic centers as well.

Watlington, James, M.D.

Hometown: Shelbyville, TN
Undergrad:Middle Tennessee State University
Med School:University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Career interest or chosen specialty:General Surgery/Trauma
Hobbies in residency:Take the dog for a walk/run, watch Marvel movies, build plastic models (current one in progress is a 2.5ft WWII submarine), piano, video games
Spouse and/or children:No, just a 110lb German Shepherd that keeps me busy.
Thoughts about our program:Great training environment and plenty of operating cases/experience. It’s an awesome group of residents/attendings who are willing to help you succeed.

Watts, Steve, III., M.D.

Hometown: Valdosta, Ga
Undergrad: Valdosta State University
Med School:Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
Career interest or chosen specialty: General Surgery/MIS/CTS
Hobbies in residency: Hiking and anything outdoors, golfing, exercising, taking my dog to park, eating great food, visiting all the great Birmingham breweries, spending time with friends/family.
Spouse and/or children:Not married. I have a four-legged child.
Thoughts about our program: While my time in this program has been short thus far, I can say with confidence that you will not find a program that provides a better operative experience. As a 6-week intern, I have scrubbed and assisted on over 30 cases, 6 of which were Whipples. Benign learning atmosphere in which there is incredible intraoperative and bedside teaching. A great mix of didactic and hands-on learning. A level of camaraderie among residents and attendings that makes you feel like you are part of a big family. Birmingham is an incredible place to live with so many fun and exciting things to do. You will not regret choosing this program

Bittles, Dylan, M.D.

Chahal, Anurag, M.D.

Guidry, Russ, M.D.

Nelson, Sara, D.O.

Snider, Jason, M.D.