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2019 - 2020 PGY-3

Antonetti, Jonathan, M.D.

Hometown: Chelsea, AL
Undergrad: University of Alabama
Med School: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Career interest or chosen specialty: Undecided
Hobbies in residency: Live Music, Naps, Boiled Peanuts, The Tide
Spouse and/or children: No
Thoughts about our program:Baptist exposes you to the OR early and often, allowing you to become a competent and efficient surgeon without a fellowship. At the same time, many residents have gone on to complete fellowships, most recently with colorectal, vascular, trauma, plastics, and cardiothoracic programs. This along with the growth and excitement surrounding Birmingham provides the perfect combination for a surgical residency experience that is unmatched.

Frey, Andrew, D.O.

Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Undergrad: Ole Miss
Med School:William Carey University
Career interest or chosen specialty: TBA, maybe surgery in space....
Hobbies in residency: Outdoor activities, Dogs, Guitar, multiple great music venues in the area
Spouse and/or children: Married as of March 2019, 2 minions: Ella (8 years, devil sheltie) and Sasha (8 years, diabetic eskie)
Thoughts about our program: First off, in comparison to other programs I’ve experienced, I believe that we have a higher quality of life due to the strong friendships we form with each other outside of work. We schedule frequent activities outside of work that foster a real sense of family among the residents rather than mere coworkers, and that’s something that definitely makes the workday more pleasant as well. Also, our training is based primarily within two different hospital systems allowing for a broader range of surgical care to meet the needs of the communities. I believe this training allows for a well-rounded surgeon ready to care for anyone after five years. Finally, we have a very robust robotic experience - from volume of cases, variety of cases, and time on console from interns to chiefs.

Henderson, Chase, M.D.

Hometown: Huntsville, AL
Undergrad: Auburn University
Med School: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Career interest or chosen specialty: Undecided
Hobbies in residency: Playing golf, taking my dog to the park/river/lake, breweries, live music, hunting, Auburn football and grilling.
Spouse and/or children:Not married
Thoughts about our program: What attracted me to our program was the amount of attending interaction, operative experience, and resident comradery. We have an excellent mix of personalities that make the long hours worth it. We are the “line” service for the hospital 24/7, meaning you will be proficient at tubes and vascular access. We get a broad array of surgical experience including high-volume HPB service, as well as bariatrics and the “bread-and-butter” general surgery cases. Attendings are always available and involved in care decisions that require oversight, while allowing residents to really take responsibility for the patients.

Ibara, Jenny, M.D.

Hometown: Sugarland, TX
Undergrad:University of Texas
Med School: Texas Tech
Career interest or chosen specialty:Undecided
Hobbies in residency:Biking, traveling, shopping, Netflix
Spouse and/or children:Married to Aldo, parents to Duke 3 year old black lab mix
Thoughts about our program: I was drawn to our program for the vast and early operating experiences. Our program is very close it really feels like family. There’s plenty of one on one time with attendings all five years, inside and out of the OR. And unique to a community program is the opportunity to learn about private practice and the business side of surgery if there’s an interest.

West, Lee, M.D.

Hometown: Mobile, AL
Undergrad: University of Mississippi
Med School: University of South Alabama
Career interest or chosen specialty: Undecided
Hobbies in residency: Fishing, Anything outdoors, sleep
Spouse and/or children:No
Thoughts about our program: Early operative experience. A great mixture of minimally invasive cases and we have a large volume of open hepatobillary cases. Also, the city of Birmingham has been a wonderful place to live