2021-2022 Transitional Year Biographies

Balakrishnan, Poojitha M.D., Ph.D.

  1. Hometown:  Pinole, CA
  2. Undergraduate:  University of Cal Berkeley
  3. Graduate:  Johns Hopkins University
  4. Medical School:  University of Alabama
  5. Chosen Specialty:  Ophthalmology 
  6. Institution:  University of Alabama 
  7. What drew you to our program?  BBH is a resident-centered program. The training provides a strong foundation in medical and surgical settings both inpatient and outpatient. The best part are the people – the patients, teams, fellow residents and attendings!

Caroline Besley, M.D.

  1. Hometown:  Columbia, SC
  2. Undergraduate:  Furman University 
  3. Medical School:  Medical University of South Carolina
  4. Chosen Specialty:  Ophthalmology 
  5. Institution:  University of Alabama
  6. What drew you to our program?  I chose this program first for the people! I heard amazing things from my terminal program residents and spoke with some of the last year TY class who all spoke of the residents and attendings as approachable, everyone having one another’s back and an overall positive work environment. I also loved the elective options, ability to often work one on one with the subspecialty attendings, and thoughtful scheduling to alternate rotations throughout the year for the test interest of the intern.

Matthew Brown, M.D.

  1. Hometown:   Huntsville, AL
  2. Undergraduate:   Auburn University 
  3. Medical School:  University of Alabama
  4. Chosen Specialty:  Radiation Oncology 
  5. Institution:   University of Maryland;
  6. What drew you to our program?   I chose BBH because I thought they prioritized work/life balance. It provided a good education to be competent in the rest of my career, while also providing interesting electives. Location was also an important factor. 

Veena Danthuluri, M.D.

  1. Hometown: Madison, AL
    Undergraduate: University of South Alabama
    Medical School:  University of Alabama
    Chosen Specialty:  Ophthalmology 
    Institution:  University of Alabama
    What drew you to our program?    I knew this program would give me the foundations in medicine that I will need to be a good ophthalmologist one day! Also, when I went to the intro meeting, everyone was friendly and very welcoming so I knew it would be a good fit. They really take care of the residents, especially making sure we are well fed. A bonus – I have already gotten to know some of the fantastic residents who will be joining me at UAB next year which will make that transition easier.

Carolyn Dishuck, M.D.

  1. Hometown:  Tuscaloosa, AL
  2. Undergraduate:  Rhodes College
  3. Medical School:  University of Alabama
  4. Chosen Specialty:  Diagnostic Radiology
  5. Institution:   University of Michigan
  6. What drew you to our program?  This program had a great reputation and was close to home. Additionally, I loved everyone I interacted with during the interview and was excited about the wide variety of electives that were offered. 

John Paul Greco, M.D., M.B.S.

  1. Hometown:  Colts Neck, NJ
  2. Undergraduate:  University of Southern California
  3. Graduate:  Rutgers Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  4. Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School
  5. Chosen Specialty:  Diagnostic Radiology
  6. Institution:  Brookwood Baptist Health
  7. What drew you to our program?  I chose BBH for the collaborative learning environment and level of autonomy provided to the residents. So far, I like the opportunity to work directly with attending physicians and scheduling flexibility provided by the program. 

Majd Habash, M.D.

  1. Hometown:  Birmingham, AL 
  2. Undergraduate:  Birmingham Southern College
  3. Medical School:  University of Alabama
  4. Chosen Specialty:  Diagnostic Radiology 
  5. Institution:  Brookwood Baptist Health
  6. What drew you to our program?   What I appreciate about this program is how committed everyone is to making our work and learning space a warm, supportive and inclusive environment. It makes for a great atmosphere to learn medicine, care for patients and grow as a person.

Adam Hubler, M.D.

  1. Hometown:  Nashville, TN
  2. Undergraduate:  University of Tennessee
  3. Medical School:  University of Tennessee
  4. Chosen Specialty:  Radiation Oncology
  5. Institution:   University of Alabama
  6. What drew you to our program?  BBH offers a comprehensive intern years’ worth of medical training packaged alongside a close-knit familial culture. I will be transitioning to UAB for the rest of my training and BBH affords me the opportunity to familiarize myself with the city, take great care of its population, and obtain high quality medical training to propel me into my future practice. From junior faculty to program leadership, TY residents are treated equally as categorical residents. Though they understand we are distinct, our education and development as physicians is just as important to them, and each faculty member ensures we feel as though we are part of the BBH community.

Malcolm Kates, M.D.

  1. Hometown: Beaufort, SC
  2. Undergraduate:  College of Charleston
  3. Medical School:  University of Florida
  4. Chosen Specialty:  Ophthalmology
  5. Institution:  University of Alabama
  6. What drew you to our program?  The BBH Transitional Year program is well-regarded by the UAB Ophthalmology faculty and residents who also trained here. The program offers a wide array of elective opportunities, has approachable faculty and staff.

Akhil Kaushik, M.D.

  1. Hometown:  Montgomery, AL 
  2. Undergraduate:  University of Alabama
  3. Medical School:  University of Alabama
  4. Chosen Specialty:  Diagnostic Radiology 
  5. Institution:  Brookwood Baptist Health
  6. What drew you to our program?I wanted to be in a smaller program in Birmingham that would give me a diverse intern year experience. There are a lot of elective opportunities to get a variety of exposures that will better prepare me for my radiology training. All of the residents get along really well, the food is free and the medical training is exceptional! 

Aladdin Khalaf, M.D.

  1. Hometown:  Fort Worth, TX/Escondido, CA
    Undergraduate:  University of California San Diego
    Medical School:  University of Texas Southwestern
    Chosen Specialty:  Diagnostic Radiology
    Institution:  Brookwood Baptist Health
    What drew you to our program?   I have really enjoyed my time so far here at BBH. The faculty members are supportive and really go above and beyond to provide great training in a comfortable learning environment. The program has a good balance of diverse electives to balance out the inpatient medicine months, which is something I value because it will give me the experience I need to interact effectively with different specialties as a radiologist. 

Hieu Le, M.D..

  1. Hometown: Kansas City, KA
    Undergraduate: University of Missouri    
    Graduate: University of Alabama
    Medical School: University of Alabama
    Chosen Specialty: Diagnostic Radiology 
    Institution:  LSU – New Orleans
    What drew you to our program?   I chose the BBH TY program for the opportunity to learn from its two different community-based teaching hospitals, the strong collegial bond amongst residents and the very supportive faculty.

Scott McClure, M.D

  1. Hometown:  Birmingham, AL
    Undergraduate:  Auburn University
    Medical School:  University of Alabama 
    Chosen Specialty: Ophthalmology
    Institution:  University of Alabama 
    What drew you to our program?   I was drawn to the TY program at BBH by the strength of training and excellent collegial environment as well as the opportunity to work at two hospitals in two very different areas of Birmingham. Additionally, I will be staying in Birmingham for my ophthalmology residency, and this program provided me the opportunity to stay in town but experience a practice environment outside of a large academic center. I was very excited to match here and continue to enjoy training in this program.

Roman Travis, M.D.

  1. Hometown: Birmingham, AL
    Undergraduate:   Samford University
    Medical School:  University of Alabama 
    Chosen Specialty:  Radiation Oncology
    Institution:   University of Alabama 
    What drew you to our program?  The program offers a friendly and supportive culture with a solid work-life balance. The city of Birmingham is also a surprisingly great place to live with plenty of amenities. The included meals for breakfast and lunch and the well-stocked snack room are a big plus as well. 

Garrison Veazey, M.D.

  1. Hometown: Birmingham, AL
    Undergraduate:  University of Alabama
    Medical School: University of Alabama
    Chosen Specialty: Diagnostic Radiology
    Institution:  Brookwood Baptist Health 
    What drew you to our program?  I chose this program because it provides a broad clinical exposure for its residents before they go on to their chosen specialties. I am incredibly grateful to have matched here for a transitional year. The atmosphere among the residents themselves and faculty is nothing but collegial and everyone is focused on helping their colleagues become belter physicians. Additionally, the hospital staff here is some of the friendliest and most helpful I have interacted with. I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a well-rounded transitional year. 



Zachary White, M.D.

  1. Hometown:  Birmingham, AL
  2. Undergraduate:  Tuskegee University
  3. Graduate:  University of Alabama
  4. Medical School: University of South Alabama
  5. Chosen Specialty:  Radiation Oncology
  6. Institution:   Stanford University
  7. What drew you to our program?  I chose the BBH TY program because Birmingham is my hometown and this program provides excellent training for its residents. In high school, I participated in the Princeton Hospital Achievers Program which further inspired me to go into the field of medicine. It’s truly a privilege to serve at this same hospital that motivated me years ago.