Transitional Year Residency Program

(NRMP #1903999 P0)

The Brookwood Baptist Health Transitional Year Residency provides PGY-l residents with a broad clinical experience as the foundation for future specialty training. A strong emphasis on fundamental clinical skills becomes the basis on which residents can tailor individualized educational programs appropriate for their professional goals.


The Transitional Year Residency at Brookwood Baptist Health is designed to provide a broad-based clinical experience to medical school graduates who:

•Have chosen a career specialty for which the categorical program in graduate medical education has, as a prerequisite, one year of fundamental clinical education (this education may also contain certain specific experiences for development of desired skills); or

•Desire a broad-based year to assist them in making a career choice or specialty selection decision.

The Program
The BBH Transitional Year program is sponsored by the Internal Medicine, General Surgery and Radiology residency programs of the Brookwood Baptist Health. The TY curriculum built on the framework of clinical rotations in Internal Medicine and General Surgery, supplemented by available electives in a variety of sub-specialties. The educational experience of each TY resident is individualized, with consideration of personal educational needs and career goals used in the planning of rotation assignments. The BBH TY curriculum is structured to meet all ACGME requirements for education in fundamental clinical skills and for exposure to ambulatory practice settings. Electives are available at each of our two teaching hospitals with clinical faculty representing a broad spectrum of specialty (and subspecialty) practices. Available clinical rotations for BBH TY residents include:

      Hospital/Inpatient Rotations 

      * Cardiology

      * Infectious Diseases

      * Nephrology

      * Pulmonary Medicine

      * Critical Care Medicine

      * Gastroenterology

      * Hematology/Oncology


      Outpatient Rotations 

      * Dermatology

      * Pathology

      * Radiology

      * Dermatopathology

      * Radiation Oncology

      * Emergency Medicine


      Surgical Rotations

      * Orthopedics

      * Anesthesiology

      * Otolaryngology (ENT)


A didactic series including Internal Medicine and sub-specialty Lectures, Case Discussions, Morning Report, Board Review sessions and Morbidity and Mortality conferences as well as other didactic conferences is an integral part of the Transitional Year curriculum, and attendance and active participation is required of TY residents. Excellent library facilities and computerized educational tools are available at both the Princeton Baptist and Grandview Medical Center campuses. Transitional Year residents are expected to assume the same patient care and educational responsibilities, to perform the same clinical duties and are held to the same high standards of professionalism by faculty as the categorical PGY-1 residents at BBH. This is a program in which you can be challenged, where learning “how and why” will enable you to become the very best physician you can be today, and will prepare you well for your future in medicine, whatever direction it is to take.


Beyond the Transitional Year

Residents completing their training in the BBH Transitional Year program are expected to be clinically competent and appropriately confident in their abilities as they enter future specialty training. Over the years, our graduates have gone on to demonstrate their clinical skills and to validate the effectiveness of their training at BBH with strong performances in their respective terminal residency programs. Former BBH residents who have completed subsequent specialty training in prestigious academic medical centers across the country have consistently reported that their time in the BBH Transitional Year Residency prepared them very well for the demands and expectations of those programs.